The Information Center – ‘The Hypocrisy is Strong in That One’

By John Ciccone

As the partial government shut down over funding for a border wall drags on, it becomes more apparent by the day that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and those in their party who follow them like blind puppies, don’t want a wall because a wall won’t work. It’s because a wall WILL work, and they know it. Data from along the southern border, where sections of wall have already been built, show that the flow of illegals has slowed from a flood to a trickle in those locations, and the crime rate, including the drugs pouring in, is down by more than 90% in many cases. Some would call that last statement racist. There is a difference between a racist statement and information presented backed up by facts and solid data.

Pelosi and Schumer have access to this same data, and they don’t like what they see. Their goal of filling up the country with illegal and unvetted immigrants would be in jeopardy if a wall is completed, and their dreams of creating a new liberal Democrat voting base would be shattered. 

The US Border Patrol is practically begging for the completion of the wall. These dedicated and brave men and women, almost half of those stationed at the border being Hispanic themselves, are putting their lives on the line every day. Even those who have gone without a paycheck during the shutdown. If you watch the news, you can see the captured drugs and cash confiscated from the cartels piled, in some instances, from floor to ceiling in warehouses. Yet, this is just a fraction of what is coming over the border, because the wall is being deliberately stalled by Democrat politicians. Drugs that are killing an estimated 300 Americans, most of them young people, every day. The Meth, the opioids, the Heroin and much more are taking their toll on our country, and Pelosi and Schumer say there isn’t a crisis.

Let’s be blunt here. Politicians, who claim they are concerned about the opioid epidemic that is raging though our country and ruining entire families and even whole communities, are lying. Unless they are willing to get behind a known method that will successfully help put a major dent in this epidemic, and that is a building a wall, then politics is what’s most important to these politicians, not saving American lives and they should be ashamed of themselves.

So many of these elected officials and Hollywood hand wringers railing against President Trump, calling the wall ‘immoral’, themselves live in safe mansions protected by armed guards and surrounded by walls. You can go on Google and get aerial views of their palatial estates and see their walls, some more than ten feet high. And yes, Pelosi herself lives in a home protected by a wall. It was quite an embarrassment to her when this past Monday, political activist Laura Loomer showed up on property owned by Pelosi with a group of illegals and set up camp. Pelosi’s response was of course to call police and have them removed.  The fictional Star Wars movie character ‘Yoda’ would have said ‘The hypocrisy is strong in that one’. Another accurate statement would be to say that she has no shame.

President Trump has stated that these politicians, who will not budge and will not compromise on the wall, don’t care about the drugs, the crime, and the gangs, including MS-13 members, the human traffickers and the terrorists coming across our border. They know it’s happening, and they are allowing it to continue. And as it continues, with each passing day, more Americans are put in danger and the country over all becomes less safe.

The President says he will wait only so long for cooperation from Democrats in Congress and if he doesn’t get the wall funding, he will declare a national emergency and get that funding from other sources. At this point, let’s hope he doesn’t wait much longer. Because what the opposition keeps saying is not a crisis at the border, certainly is.