The Information Center The Meltdowns over Kanye Continue

“Wow!  Just let a black guy stray from the progressive plantation and dare to have a different opinion and he goes from hero to enemy in a matter of minutes”. This was a quote from a caller on a nationally syndicated radio talk show in reference to recent statements by Kanye West.

What a difference a year makes.  It wasn’t long ago that Kanye West was the darling of Hollywood, the news media, liberal politicians and some of the more vocal members of the civil rights groups. Among the words to describe him back then were brilliant, dynamic, talented, musical genius, great humanitarian, successful entrepreneur and so many more.  He was praised from every corner of the entertainment world and was often the much sought-after guest of honor at elite gatherings and many times headlined glitzy award shows. He was one of their biggest heroes. Of course, that was when his leftist fan club just assumed that he thought the same way as did they and held the same political opinions that are required to be a ‘good progressive’. But he doesn’t, and his former worshipers went into shock, when he began to express his personal views and, just like that, the love turned to the vilest hatred imaginable. But the video footage of him hugging the President last week at the White House was the last straw and sent the haters ballistic.

Because Kanye West has made it clear that he is a big fan of President Trump and that he insists on being an independent thinker, the same people who once showered him with praise and used the fawning terms listed above to describe him have now chosen other words. They now call him stupid, puppet, stooge, Uncle Tom, mentally unstable, retarded, childlike, token Negro, traitor and others so nasty that we can’t print them here. He has become the brunt of jokes and insults on late night TV hate fests like the Colbert Show, Jimmy Kimmel and SNL. He is now despised by those who once loved him, simply because he doesn’t speak, act and think like he is ‘supposed to’ or as demanded by the people who claim to be so tolerant.

The so-called open-minded leftists in this country are so mad at Kanye West that some are almost foaming at the mouth. CNN’s Don Lemon was so furious he could barely speak the other day, when he was giving one of his unhinged rants attacking West. Relatively few people actually saw Lemon’s rants, because CNN’s rating are now so low the station has to look up to see bottom. Yet, all the gnashing of teeth, exploding heads and hateful attacks are not fazing Kanye at all. His response is that he will continue to voice his own opinions and be a free thinker. He has stated that he will not be held captive on that liberal plantation where everyone, especially African Americans, are expected to do what they are told. He will not stop wearing his red MAGA hat, as his detractors have demanded. He will not disavow his friendship with the President. His defiance is refreshing.

To his detractors, West has become public enemy number one. They may even harbor more hatred and ill will towards him than they do for President Trump, if that’s possible. Some on social media wish him dead. Their goal is not just to disown him or ridicule him. The goal is to totally destroy him. We just witnessed these tactics with their attacks on Justice Brett Kavanaugh and what they did to him and his family. But they hate Kanye even more, because he was always thought to be one of their own. But the fact that he has ‘strayed’ and actually has the nerve to think for himself is just too much. He must be punished and it’s a full-on campaign of destruction against the guy. The fact that he won’t back down in the face of this mean-spirited onslaught, and in fact has doubled down on expressing his beliefs, is a beautiful thing to watch. Watching Kanye West standing up for what he believes has certainly won my respect and the respect of millions of free-thinking Americans all across the nation. God Bless him.