The Information Center – The Protestors Have A Balloon

Like most freedom loving and proud Americans, which certainly includes most of our readers, I value the right to speak one’s mind and protest if necessary against people, places and things we may disagree with.  Protests over the years have taken on many forms and sometimes, if done right and with a bit of thought and intelligence, can cause people who might be non-committal to gravitate to your cause. But as of late, many of these protests are in the domain of the insane and so many of the participants seem to be going backwards in age and maturity. To say they are acting like spoiled children would be an insult to kids everywhere.

Again, whether you are for or against our President, many on both sides of the issue are embarrassed watching these people in the streets, including those marching through European streets last week. But let’s start with the ‘entertainment’ industry to highlight the level of emotional decline.  Madonna says she wants to blow up the White House. Kathy Griffin holds up a bloody severed head. Robert DiNero screams “F… Trump” on national TV, Samantha Bee uses the ‘C’ word to describe the President’s wife and daughter.  Peter Fonda tweets that he hopes 12-year-old Barron Trump is kidnapped by pedophiles. The wacky and Bizarre Jim Carrey gets off on drawing his morbid and crazy cartoons of the first family and of course Snoop Dog put out his video about shooting Trump. But the most recent touch of class happened last week, when self-proclaimed comedian George Lopez, news cameras in tow, proceeded to urinate on Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Blvd. side walk.

The reputable Charlie Sheen has said he asked God to kill the President, Mickey Rourke says he wants to beat Trump with a baseball bat and Johnny Depp wished he could come back as John Wilkes Booth, the man who shot Abraham Lincoln, and assassinate Trump.  And there are so many more unhinged performers that I could use all of my column space listing them.

And then there are the street demonstrations. In America, they wore their pink knit hats intended to symbolize a certain female body part (their family members must be so proud), but in England they really showed Trump last week during the NATO summit. They now have a balloon. Yes folks, we all saw how they amused themselves and how excited they were with their balloon. The creators of the Trump inflatable proudly stated to the press that “This is by far, the best anti-Trump weapon ever”.  A balloon… When the President left England and went over to Scotland, the protestors actually brought their balloon to that country, to the embarrassment of the Scottish people and flew it there as well. Said one Scottish spokesperson “Can they get any more childish and silly? Will the protestors next pass out rattles and pacifiers and set up some playpens?” Throw in a few teddy bears, bring in the cast from Sesame Street and it would be complete.

This is what is passing for constructive debate now by a segment of the human race that refuses to grow up and get over the fact that they didn’t get their way. And it speaks volumes about the character and the mentality of people, who are proving daily that they are in total meltdown mode and can no longer function normally in today’s world.  As they continue the process of becoming emotionally unraveled, much of the rest of the country and in fact, much of the world, while passing these protestors by, is looking upon them with bemused  amazement and maybe a bit of pity. But with each new silly antic, less attention is being paid to them as they are being left behind to take their tantrums and of course, to play show and tell with their pink hats and their balloon.