The Information Center – The Troops are Finally Heading South

I’ll start this week with a quote by President Trump that some people seem to have a big problem with, but one that I and millions of other Americans feel makes perfect sense. “For decades, Presidents made American troops defend other countries borders. Now it’s time to defend our own”. These words are of course in regard to his decision to send troops to our southern border to shut it down to illegal crossings, until the wall is built. Shutting it down to illegal crossings is what other nations do, so that THEY decide who comes in and who does not.

It’s unfortunate, and mind boggling at the same time, that there are some Americans in positions of authority and media moguls – those on the left side of the political divide – who know full well that because of the lax border control that we’ve had in the past, dangerous drugs fueling the deadly opioid crisis in America have been flowing in. Law enforcement agencies on every level confirm this. Smugglers and cartel gang members have had an easy entry into American cities, using the Mexican border as their gateway. Terrorists know that slipping across the Rio Grande is one of the best ways to enter the United States with the goal of killing as many American men, women and children as they can.

By now, most Americans know why the ‘open borders’ crowd doesn’t want the military OR a wall in place. The plan is to get as many illegals in here as possible, because the Left looks upon them as a future voting base. It’s often been said that if liberal Democrats thought for a minute that the flow of illegals coming in would be voting Republican, they would be on the border building the wall themselves to keep them out.

Most Americans have now come to realize that the same people who want open borders are pretty much the same ones who are vehemently opposed to Voter ID laws. Americans aren’t stupid. We can see the connection. And the same activists, who don’t have a problem with being required to show ID at the airport, cash a check, apply for a job, get a fishing or hunting license, get into school, open a bank account, drive a car and literally dozens of other things, insist that showing ID to cast a vote in an election is ‘racist’. There’s that word again. It has so many uses these days.

The final word, or if some prefer the term ‘bottom line’, is this: Our country has the right to secure our borders and regulate who comes in and who does not. People from other parts of the world, who feel they have the right to just come here if they want to, and their activist’ supporters, who are doing everything they can to enable them – the safety of our country be damned as far as they are concerned – should not get to ignore our laws. And thankfully now, we have a President, who will put a stop to it. His motto is ‘America First’ and it’s about time.

If you haven’t yet seen the new movie ‘Chappaquiddick’, you might want to check it out. A few of us did over the weekend. I’m no movie critic and everyone has their own views, but I can tell you this, every one of us found it eye opening and very enlightening. These kinds of films are not really my type of entertainment, but this one was definitely an exception. It confirms a lot of suspicions many people have had.

And finally, this week, the news out of London England isn’t good. The city has a strict gun control policy instituted by the government, where just about no one can legally on a firearm. It was reported last week that now, the murder and crime rate in London has surpassed even that of New York City (also a no gun zone) for the first time ever. Now understand, there are still gun crimes, because as is always the case, the bad guys will always have THEIR guns. Only the good guys are unarmed now. In addition to the shootings, knowing that most people are defenseless, criminals are also using other methods to attack innocent people. There is a huge upsurge in knife attacks, and the thugs are even throwing acid in the faces of their victims, before they rob them. The Mayor of London is currently trying to ban knives in that city. Yes, it’s that ridiculous. No mention of what restrictions he’ll try to put on throwing acid at people. It should come as no surprise to Americans that an increasing number of ‘Brits’ wish that they too had a Second Amendment.