The Information Center – Treating the Virus Relief Package like a Slush Fund

The statement below was what I was going to lead with in last week’s column.  But, there was a delay in getting the paper out and in my view; it is just as true this week as it was then.

“Well, all the Trump haters held off for a while, but they couldn’t hold out any longer.  They can’t help themselves; their hate is boiling over and oozing like venom. When the nation is trying to come together and end this virus, and President Trump is working almost 24/7 to deal with this crisis, the petty haters are back attacking him and in reality, it’s not because they don’t think he’s doing enough, it’s because they hate him so much they’d rather American citizens be hurt and the country go down than for Trump to succeed. Many of them come right out and admit it. It’s sad. It must be hard work keeping that hatred and venom flowing night and day. But the good news is, no matter how hard the haters try, President Trump will succeed, America will recover and the haters will lose again”.

Many in the news media should be ashamed at how they are acting.  But for the most part, they have no shame. They ask the same questions over and over hoping for different answers and a slip up.  Playing ‘gotcha’ is the best they can do. When Trump ordered the border closed and mandated travel bans they called him racist.  But when they realized that most Americans wanted this action, they attacked him for not doing it fast enough. When the president insisted that we manufacture medical products here instead of China, and in fact bring all manufacturing home they called him isolationist, but then criticized him for not having already done this when they realized that in situations like this, we would all be better off if we did make everything here. We’ve all seen what’s going on.  No matter what he does, they criticize and attack.  The media and the Hollywood air heads care more about hurting Trump than they do about helping the country. They want the economy to crash and American families and business to hurt in the hope that it will make Trump look back.  That is their priority over all else.

Last weekend, the House and the Senate negotiated a relief package that would bring much needed cash to American families and business and even some Democrats were on board and agreed with Republicans on the details. It was set to pass and move forward and get those checks mailed out. But then, Pelosi flew home from San Francisco; possibly by broomstick, and threw a wrench into the process. Her, Schumer and the others in their party who obey like sheep blocked it so they could add all sorts of left wing, Socialist goodies and perks into the package that have nothing at all to do with the current situation. Tax credits for solar panels, funds to help block voter ID laws, millions to refurbish the Kennedy Library, climate change funding and so many more items to push their leftist agenda. They view this relief package as an all you can grab buffet of tax payer money to splurge on their political wish list.  As one disgusted commentator put it – they are like pigs feeding from a trough.  They just don’t care that this relief package is not their personal slush fund or some type of super market sweep. Many suspect that if these Democrat leaders thought for a second that they could slip large cash payments to illegal immigrants into the mix unnoticed, they would. But no doubt, they’ll give it a try in the near future.

Americans used to laugh at European nations and third world banana republics that conduct business like this; where national unity takes a back seat to divisive party politics and the whims of dictators. But here we have in America, a political party with leadership that is becoming more corrupt and anti-American by the day, where the benefit of the nation is not their priority, getting back into power is. The American public is witnessing a disgraceful spectacle like never before. And shame on us if we don’t put an end to it; once and for all, come this November.