They Even Feel The Need to Politicize Funerals Now?

“This new trend of using funerals and eulogies to deliver political messages is really quite disgusting. Sympathy from death to sway public opinion is next level corrupt. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves”.  This is a quote from a prominent African American Conservative woman, making reference to what took place last week at both the funeral for John McCain and for Aretha Franklin.

What the nation saw on full display was that there are some who are so petty and bitter that they couldn’t even put their hatred for President Trump aside even for a couple of hours during funerals honoring the deceased.

At the McCain funeral, it was especially blatant and as hypocritical as it gets.  Don’t you find it interesting that some of these same people praising Senator McCain’s legacy – people in the press, in Hollywood and from DC – are the same ones who so disgracefully trashed and bashed the man when he ran for President against Obama?

It’s all a matter of public record.  They called him stupid, senile, war monger, racist. They mocked his military service and even attacked his family members. You know the typical leftist tactics of smear and destroy.  They should be ashamed of themselves, but they have NO shame – never have. But of course, now they pretend to worship the guy and it’s all because John McCain and Donald Trump didn’t get along. Some can continue to play dumb and not admit it, but millions of Americans know exactly what’s going on.

At the Aretha Franklin funeral it was some of the same. They just could not control themselves, as some of the speeches and eulogies were more about bashing Trump than praising the legacy, life and times of Aretha Franklin. Is this what America has become in 2018? Thankfully no. While there seems to be no hope for the celebs, the media and hyper partisan politicians, who cannot and will not let go of the deep-seeded hatred that consumes them, most Americans did not like what they saw and heard. It was an embarrassment to the nation, which will hopefully be rectified, at least in part in the November elections.

Moving on to the controversy over the new movie ‘First Man’ about the Apollo Moon Landing, if there were still some people who had doubts about the forces trying to rewrite our nation’s history and stifle any and all displays of patriotism, what they pulled in this film should erase those doubts once and for all. Sending a manned landing to the moon was a complete and total American effort.  We’ve all seen the photos of the astronaut proudly planting the American flag on the moon’s surface.  Old Glory claimed its place in history in space for the first time on a surface other than on the Earth. But the film industry would have none of it. They eliminated the scene where our flag was raised. When the outcry from American citizens exploded, they actually defended their actions saying the event ‘transcended’ the efforts of one nation. It was the accomplishment of all mankind.  Ah, no, it didn’t, and it wasn’t. It was the effort and the greatness of the United States of America. American taxpayers paid for it, American scientists and military personnel developed and created the technology that made it happen and it was American astronauts who put their courage and their lives on the line to actually travel there.

The way I see it, if the Canadian and American film industry types who made the movie don’t want to give the credit to those who deserve it, because they don’t want to appear too ‘pro-American’ then hopefully, American movie goers will choose not to see this bogus and very much incomplete story of the first moon landing.