Tom Brady Continues to Amaze

Referring to Tom Brady as ‘The greatest quarterback of all time’ is becoming more common all the time among football fans, even those from other parts of the country, who are not necessarily fans of the New England Patriots superstar. Last Sunday’s playoff game against a stunned Jacksonville team proved once again that the man can be counted on to come through, even when all looks lost. The Jaguars played what many consider a near perfect game for the first three quarters bu,t as was hoped for and pretty much expected, Brady, backed by a determined and talented team, came roaring back in the 4th. They are amazing. The National Football League has lost quite a bit of support this season, much of it due to the National Anthem protests, as well as other issues facing the sport. A growing degree of anger is aimed at the NFL as an organization, particularly its leadership and those protesting players and much of it justified. Support for the New England Patriots runs high and deep all across the region by loyal fans. Though wildly popular in New England among the fans, ‘The Pats’ are reviled and intensely disliked by millions of football enthusiasts in other parts of the country. Of course, much of that dislike can be chalked up to jealously and even a bit of envy. But love them or hate them, even the detractors have to admit, they truly are an incredible team.