Has the Case of the Defaced WWII Memorial Been Solved?

If police are correct, it looks like there could be a big break in solving the case of the vandalized South Boston World War II Memorial, as well as other vandalized monuments and even grave markers including some at a cemetery located in Mattapan. It was reported last week that a 53-year-old female suspect was arrested, after allegedly being observed spraying red substance on monuments. When police searched the car that she was driving, they found a spray bottle, more of the red powder substance and what appeared to be olive oil. When asked what she was doing, it was reported that her response was that she was baptizing her targets.

At this point, no one has been tried and found guilty. But, if there is enough evidence, will prosecution be coming down at some point in the near future? Because there is a question to be asked here: A crime such as this will most likely fall under the category of ‘Malicious Destruction of Property’ and this type of crime was on the list of offenses that the new Suffolk County District Attorney, Rachael Rollins, said she would not be prosecuting. We’ll just have to wait and see how this will play out.

When South Boston’s beautiful WW II Memorial was so badly defaced several weeks ago, it touched a nerve with so many, both residents and nonresidents alike, and still have emotions running high. It brought out those same emotions in some of our law enforcement officials and officers who suggested that they would do a nonstop and thorough investigation in an effort to catch those responsible. They have been doing just that.  They should be commended for the job they have been doing and continue to do in regard to solving this case.