Celebrating Easter A Bit Differently Is But A Temporary Situation

A Palm Sunday without palms and Easter without being able to attend a church Mass or Service – at least in person. 

This is certainly uncharted water for Christians all over the United States and in other countries as well. For the world’s 2.2 billion Christians, the Easter season is the most sacred time on the calendar. It of course celebrates the resurrection of Jesus three days after his death on the cross. It heralds a new beginning and reinforces the commitment to God by the faithful.

Easter Sunday in South Boston always has been a time when our local churches are jammed to capacity – standing room only. It’s a happy time, where often there follows community and church sponsored Easter Egg hunts to the delight of the children. Families and friends usually gather for sumptuous meals and there is an all-around feeling of good will among all. But this year, as we’re all well aware, much of that is put on hold because of safety concerns.  Folks are doing what must be done.

Americans are a strong and resilient people and that certainly applies to South Bostonians. Many have already said that they plan to watch church Services and Masses online or on TV and perhaps one or more of the excellent religious themed Easter movies as well. They will still have family dinners and be in contact with close friends and loved ones even if by remote devices. The bottom line is that though this year, celebrating Easter will be done a bit differently, it will still be done; people are prepared to adapt for what will be a temporary situation.  And next year, when we are stronger for having done what needs to be now, we can be back to celebrating the traditional way – something we can all look forward to. Happy Easter to all and may God Bless.