Editorial 2000 Years Later and Christians are Still Persecuted


Easter is a time for renewal and rebirth. It celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus after the Crucifixion, where he was put to death for his teachings and his beliefs. More than two thousand years have passed and Christians are still being put to death for those same beliefs. This we witnessed in news accounts with graphic video out of Egypt where simply for praying in their church and celebrating Palm Sunday, 47 believers were murdered and many others wounded, including women and children. They are the victims of radical Islamic bombers filled with hate.

And yet, the survivors of those attacks have vowed to openly pray again this coming Sunday, as they celebrate Easter. If anything can be classified as having the courage of one’s convictions, this is a shining example.

The Middle East is a disaster. Christians and Jews alike must be constantly on guard, as they are targets of unending terror attacks. And yet, they persevere undeterred and confident in their belief in God. As Americans, we are fortunate that this weekend we can attend the Services and Masses of our choosing without the fear of becoming victims of violent fanatics.

As we gather with family, friends and neighbors this weekend to celebrate Easter, let us give thanks that we can do so in safety and also say a few prayers that those in other lands will one day have the same religious freedom and security that we are blessed with in the United States. Happy Easter to all.