The Information Center The Founding Fathers Are Smiling Today


The swearing in of Neil Gorsuch as the newest US Supreme Court Justice might sound to some like just another judge on the bench, but it’s so much more.  This is big – REAL big! His addition will shift the highest court in the land back on track, where it belongs and will once again follow the US Constitution. It will no longer allow the leftist activists like Kagan, Sotomayor and Bader-Ginsburg on that bench to take the country down the road to Socialism. Gorsuch has some big shoes to fill, as he replaces the late, great Antonin Scalia, thought by many to be one of the finest justices to ever serve on the court. But Gorsuch is also a great man and is up to the job

Sitting through the confirmation process over the last couple of months, this good man was subjected to the usual character assassinations, innuendos and every other insidious tactic used by the party of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi designed to make a good person look more evil than the devil himself. But Gorsuch endured the onslaught with courage and dignity and took every cheap shot they could throw at him in stride.  He just could not be ruffled, because the hostile opposition was not even close to being in his league.

The ascension to the US Supreme Court of Judge Gorsuch will alter the course of history for our country for many years to come in the most positive of ways. He will see to it that that body protects the Constitutional rights of all American citizens. A new day has dawned. No longer will the 1st and 2nd Amendments be threatened or, for that matter, any rights, now that a true patriot has assured that the court will move us in the Right direction. And it’s reassuring to remember that it’s still very early in this administration.  The likelihood that two more justices in the same mold of Gorsuch may be put on the court in the near future is a distinct possibility. This will bode well for the continued greatness of the United States of America. Congratulations Justice Gorsuch. We can breathe a sigh of relief regarding our nation’s future. Today, Ronald Reagan, Antonin Scalia and the Founding Fathers are smiling.

The other big news last week was of course the missile attack against Syria.  There are mixed feelings on this by many. The majority of Americans supported it, but others did not and that’s ok.  Everyone has the right to their own views. It got high marks and much support from most of the Middle Eastern countries that are wary of Syria’s willingness to use chemical weapons on innocent civilians. Even Congressman Stephen Lynch, a Democrat, and who visited the area this week, found that there was huge support for President Trump’s actions.

But something the President said gave hope to many around the world, who live under the fear of terror and was a source of pride to many Americans. In response to the gassing of young children and tiny babies by the Syrian military he said, “No child of God should ever suffer such horror and there will be a price to pay for those who commit such heinous acts”.

It gave hope to many of the oppressed to learn that there is still a force on Earth that cold, brutal tyrants like those in the Assad Regime will have to answer to for committing such evil, especially against helpless children. That this President could not sit idly by and do nothing about this should be applauded.  Only a monster would attack women and children with poison gas. And Assad of Syria has learned that there will be a penalty to pay for his actions.

Sunday is of course Easter. This is a sacred and holy time to many of us and celebrated by more than two billion Christians around the world. Here is wishing to all the happiest of Easter celebrations and to our friends of the Jewish Faith we hope Passover was a time of happiness this year as well. Whether you celebrate with family, close friends or both, enjoy this special season.