Is Law Enforcement Being Hindered By PC Politicians?

Live news video showed a spectacle taking place following the mostly peaceful demonstration in Boston turn into a violent riot, once the sun went down. Some politicians actually made excuses for the violence, as they justified it as built-up anger over the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. Wrong! 

Those participating in the violence were on a crime spree of wanton destruction and mayhem.  They showed up to loot, burn and destroy anything they could.  And as bad as their actions were, the abuse they heaped on the police sent in to keep the peace was, in the opinion of many disgusted viewers – even worse.

Police were hit with frozen water bottles, bricks, eggs, and anything else that could be hurled in their direction.  They were sworn at, spit at and even had to duck from fireworks launched in their direction. Police cars were set ablaze as were buildings. And for most of it, police stood stoic and took this abuse, no doubt following orders of higher ups to remain relatively passive.  The riot was organized and coordinated and everyone, including those enabling politicians making the excuses, knows it. If those who called the shots that night naively thought that allowing these rioting thugs to get away with the destruction they were causing, they were sadly mistaken.  It only made it worse and that was apparent to anyone watching the video footage.

The Boston Police and Massachusetts State Troopers are among the best in the world. They could have put an end to the mayhem quickly.  Bringing in the National Guard to assist would not have been necessary, if police on the scene were allowed to deal with the rioters more firmly. But this is Boston.  We have a DA, Rachael Rollins, who all but coddles criminal activity and a couple of Boston City Councilors who didn’t even want police to be allowed to wear protective equipment and now even push for the cutting the police budget. Members of law enforcement deserve better than this.  They need to be supported by every elected official. If justice is to be served, voters will remember exactly which officials won’t support police and vote them out come next election.