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Which Is Worse, Official Lack Of Action Or Inflammatory Rhetori

If you want to take a guess as to what is fueling the unrest and violence in America’s liberal-run cities and states, one only has to look at some of the elected officials calling many of the shots. Here in Massachusetts, and in particular, Suffolk County, we have District Attorney Rachael Rollins.  Yes I know, she is mentioned often in this space for what I and many others believe is not only her incompetence and her unwillingness to do her job as required, but also what I consider her warped sense of values and a twisted leftist ideology.  Reports are that her run for office was funded in large part by the infamous George Soros. That hasn’t yet been confirmed but if true, it would explain much about how she conducts herself. Refusing to prosecute criminals for the crimes that SHE doesn’t agree with, releasing dangerous criminals from jail because of Covid-19 for THEIR safety and making inflammatory speeches like the one she made at her recent press conference is no way to keep innocent citizens of Suffolk County safe. But she’s not the only one.

Massachusetts has an attorney general, Maura Healy that had this to say in a statement released in response to the violent rioting and looting taking place. She called it “…a once in a lifetime opportunity…Yes, America is burning but that’s how forests grow.” This coming from the top law enforcement officer in the state would be shocking if this wasn’t Massachusetts. But in this state, we have some elected officials who are so far to the left of the political divide that they would make Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung proud.

When organized thugs and the idiot millennials, who dress up in their black costumes and emulate them, hear statements like this from elected officials, it encourages even more to come here and raise hell like they did during the recent riots. They are confident that they can burn, loot and attack police officers and get away with a slap on the wrist, if they get any punishment at all, because of officials who don’t just seem to agree with the tactics used to wreck cities but actually encourage it.

Now who can forget Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell’s demand that Boston Police officers refrain from wearing what she called ‘riot gear’ when dealing with violent protesters. This, after an incident where officers were injured by objects hurled at them by some of the protesters at a confrontation at BPD District 4 station. She didn’t want the protesters ‘intimidated’ by helmet wearing cops. To which Boston Police Commissioner William Gross replied “ Councilor Campbell, these officers, after being attacked by objects thrown at them by violent protesters, were ordered to put on protective helmets, not riot gear. The officers were in uniform, not riot gear. Four officers, your constituents, were injured; one hospitalized.  Thank you for caring”. Commissioner Gross continues to be a voice of common sense and one that does not retreat from criminal-coddling, reality-challenged progressives; whether they are politicians or community activists fanning the flames. It’s refreshing. And I’m even starting to like his choice of hats.

The bottom line regarding the violence taking place breaks down to this. The political leaders in this city, state and country need to let law enforcement do their job. If they continue to allow the Antifa type thugs and their supporters to run wild and destroy property and attack police and civilians, it’s going to make law abiding citizens nervous and feel they will need to defend themselves, their families and their homes. If police are not allowed to protect them, they are now more than capable of doing it themselves. Many already do feel that way and are arming up, which by the way is their constitutional right to do. If it gets to this point, it will make what is happening now look like a day at the beach.