Once Again: Who Does Suffolk County DA Rollins Think She Is?

The job of a county’s District Attorney is to prosecute criminals.  Maybe Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins didn’t get the memo when she ran for the job or just maybe she thinks she is above the law. As was reported in Tuesday’s Boston Herald, not only does she seem to want her domain to be a sanctuary county for illegal immigrants, as she has instructed her staff not to cooperate with ICE when dealing with illegal alien criminals. But she has also repeated her promise to not prosecute people for committing the following crimes: Trespassing, shoplifting, disturbing the peace, breaking and entering, threats, drug possession, resisting arrest and malicious destruction of property.

Again, the question is – who does she think she is? The victims of these crimes might be asking her the same thing. An even bigger question might be – Is this proclamation not an invitation and encouragement to those who would commit the crimes on her list, if they know they won’t be prosecuted for them? Law enforcement/police officials, who take their jobs seriously, have openly come out in opposition to her policy.

Again, prosecuting criminals is what her job requires.  If she believes she can pick and choose which laws and crimes she can ignore, because she personally disagrees with them, maybe she needs a career change. The voters in Suffolk County might want to consider selecting a new DA; one who has respect for the rule of law, rather than striving to be a progressive activist when the next election comes around.