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Will There Now Be Investigations Into The Investigations?

‘No Collusion. Let the liberal wailing begin’. ‘Breaking News! We now have reason to believe that Trump tore the tag off his mattress in 1987’. ‘But wait, there’s more. There will now be an investigation into the Mueller investigation’.

The above are captions from just a few political cartoons that have appeared since it was announced on Monday that the Mueller investigation into the so-called Russia Collusion scandal had come to an end and that there was no evidence of any such thing on the part of President Trump. Of course, these cartoons are making fun of what seemed to drag on forever. Suffice it to say, there was a segment of the country, particularly those in the news media, members of the left side of the political divide and certainly the airheads that infest Hollywood, who aren’t happy. In fact, it’s safe to say that they were beyond disappointed and actually devastated that the President of the United States was not found guilty of treason.  Let THAT sink in.

The speed by which Robert Mueller went from being worshiped as a hero and an almost god-like figure, to being despised and worse than the devil himself, was mind boggling. He didn’t find the results that the left was hoping for so now, all of a sudden, he is a stooge, a hack and a no good…well, I can’t use most of the names he’s been called, since the summary of his report was released. Some in the media were actually in tears when the announcement was made. Could anyone still be naïve enough to believe that the press isn’t biased? Of course, I never met Mueller but from what I’ve heard about him, I’m guessing he was disappointed he couldn’t get anything on Trump, as well.

After 2 years and tens of millions of wasted tax dollars on what polls say the majority of Americans considered to be a witch hunt, no evidence of any crime was found. Yet, the likes of Adam Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi and the rest want more investigations into why the investigation didn’t bring the results they so desperately wanted.  Many pundits on both sides now think that if they continue to keep this obvious vendetta up, the 2020 elections will find Nancy Pelosi losing her gavel and her party losing every state except California, Massachusetts and Vermont. Congress is elected and paid to do the business of the country, not carrying on endless personal feuds and deliberately obstructionist investigations. And as far as the main stream media is concerned, to quote White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, many of them should be embarrassed and hang their heads in shame for the way they conducted themselves during the whole thing.

Along with the great economic data coming out, one of the best news stories, at least on the world front is the destruction of ISIS. This once major military and terrorist threat was gobbling up the Middle East at a rapid rate and had a force of almost 100,000 fighters in the field. Now their last stronghold has been taken away from them, thousands of them have been killed, thousands more have surrendered, and the rest are in hiding. It was believed for a while that there was no force that could stop them. Of course, this was when Obama was President and he all but tied the hands of the US Military. Once America’s armed forces were given the green light to engage, the tide turned.

So, did the news media give this huge success story the attention it deserved? Of course not.  They all but buried it. To do otherwise would have given President Trump credit for allowing the US Military to do its job and giving it the resources needed to get it done as quickly as it did. I’m willing to bet that some in the press secretly hoped for defeat. Even losing a war against brutal terrorists is better than allowing this president to look good.  And the thing is, each day, a larger segment of the American public is coming to realize this.