Editorial – Finally, It’s Officially Spring… No, Really

Last Tuesday was a welcome day for most people who live and work in the Northeast. As we all know, it officially marked the first day of spring – 2018. (Of course, in Southie, we all know that the real first day of spring is when Sully’s opens at Castle Island.)

While it’s true, winter in New England offers great recreational fun for skiers and snowboarders, snowmobilers and snow shoe hikers and even brings with it some of those much anticipated ‘snow days’ for the kids, most folks are of the mind that the cold weather lasts quite long enough thank you, and a little sun and warm temps would feel good right about now.

And though the weather might not be in sync with the calendar as of yet, it’s still chilly and yes, a bit nasty out there this week, it will just be a week or two more before those pleasant balmy breezes gives everyone the chance to thaw out, put away the winter coats and gloves and get outside to enjoy the outdoors without shivering. And that’s nice.

And for those skiers who are saddened by the onset of warmer temperatures, remember, spring skiing can be pretty good and hey, there’s always Tuckerman’s Ravine well into May.