Editorial – New England Showed Once Again, How To Celebrate

In the past, the streets of Boston, like a number of other cities, have been turned into battle fields following home team victories and even losses. Images of crowds smashing windows, overturning vehicles and setting fires in the streets to ‘celebrate’ are hard to forget. But the throngs of fans who descended on this city last Sunday evening after the New England Patriot’s Super Bowl win and of course this past Tuesday, when a million people showed up for the much-deserved parade through downtown, can be proud of the way they conducted themselves. Of course, city officials made it clear ahead of time that there would be zero tolerance for rowdy or violent behavior and the police already had plans in place to deal with it if it did occur.

Another Super Bowl win is indeed something to celebrate and celebrate they did. People from all 6 New England states and beyond came to town; including many families with children, to share in the Patriot’s win and show their appreciation for another great season. And the fact that everyone, including those families with children could feel safe in the streets of Boston, shoulder to shoulder, crammed in with so many celebrating fans of every age was a wonderful thing indeed. Congratulations to the crowd for the way it conducted itself, to the police who kept everything under control and of course, to the New England Patriots for the pride they continue bring to so many fans.