The Information Center They Tried Hard But Couldn’t Turn SB 53 Into A Protest

The sports writers; including South Boston Today’s own Danny Picard, have commented in excellent detail on the Super Bowl and how it went from start to finish. Another Super Bowl win brought happiness and great pride to Patriot’s fans everywhere. So leaving the play by play to the experts, I’ll comment on the politics involved and yes, there certainly was a big but failed attempt to get politics involved. But thankfully this year, it didn’t leak into the game itself to taint this biggest of all American sporting events.

Super Bowl 53 was a huge disappointment and a major loss for the portion of the population who are hard core liberals/progressives/leftists/Socialist – whatever name they go by at any given time. From Hollywood, the main stream news media, to certain politicians to musical entertainers, there were people who tried their hardest to turn the game into another forum for left wing protest like they do with so many other events.

It was bad news from the beginning for those trying to spoil it for everyone. These spoilers started their campaign early on; weeks before the game itself. They put pressure on; including the threat of ruined careers, entertainers, telling them they had better not agree to sing the National Anthem or be part of the half time show or they could be blackballed in the future. Because it was demanded of them that they must be in solidarity with and protest on behalf of Colin Kaepernick and against America itself. But the leftist campaign of attempted intimidation failed. The great Gladys Knight stepped up and accepted the invitation to sing the Anthem and did a beautiful and classy job. She defended her right and her reasons for doing so. She defiantly told people like the anti-American Don Lemon and other media personalities that she is a proud American and she is proud of the National Anthem as well and that it was an honor to be asked to sing it. During her performance, the cameras shifted briefly to a group of 100 soldiers standing at attention which brought wild cheers from the massive crowd in the stands and warmed the hearts of millions watching their TV’s. Gladys Knight received a huge standing ovation.

Then there was the half time featured performers of the group called Maroon 5 who were told that if they did agree to be part of the show, they must take a knee in protest and show support for Kaepernick and displeasure with America. Maroon 5 did not buckle to the pressure or the threats and did their set without any sign of protest. By this time, some of the leftist spoilers were said to be so enraged that spittle was spraying from the sides of their mouths. Personally, I’m no fan of Maroon 5’s music; it’s not my style but I’ll buy a couple of their CD’s just to show support and appreciation for what they did.

It’s no secret that Tom Brady, Gronk and Bob Kraft are Trump supporters and of course the pressure was on them as well by elitist leftists to either publically disavow their support for the president or at least don’t mention it. That didn’t happen either. They confirmed it once again in the days leading up to the game, ignoring heavy criticism.

So many things were not going the way the anti-American types had hoped, that it must have been depressing for them to watch all their plans to spoil this year’s Super Bowl be shot down and ignored and American pride once again winning the day. I’m guessing, the fly over of the six US Air Force Thunderbird jet fighters, which as always brought a roar of approval by the crowds really rubbed salt in those wounds. By this time progressive heads were probably exploding. It was nice to once again, be able to watch the Super Bowl for the game itself without any sign of preachy political protest.

It has been noted and mentioned that Massachusetts Democrat senator Elizabeth Warren had not congratulated the home team’s win. But there really should be no surprise there. I can’t imagine Warren having words of praise for any organization that has the word ‘Patriots’ in its name.