EDITORIAL – Yes Folks, The Warm Weather Has Finally Arrived.

Here in South Boston, as well as in pretty much all of New England, we’ve had several false alarms regarding the arrival of warm weather. Though we’ve been teased quite a bit with some fleeting balmy temperatures since February, it seems that now, finally, we can shed those winter coats, heavy socks and the optional hat – though we may want to keep the umbrella handy for when the skies open up and we’re hit with another mini monsoon. But spring rain aside, the nice weather gives us the opportunity to get outside and enjoy all our neighborhood has to offer.

For being part of a large city, Southie has quite a generous share of natural resources and open space to satisfy the recreational pleasure for residents of every age group. Our 3 miles of sandy beaches beckon, as the sun and even the moon make the cool blue ocean water sparkle. Whether you are walking, running or even pushing a baby carriage along Day Boulevard, it can be a pleasant experience. Sports enthusiasts have it all with a variety of athletic fields that are usually nicely maintained.

And then of course there’s Castle Island, a beautiful place that people travel from great distances to visit. And the best part is, it’s all right in our own back yard. Enjoy the warm weather. We’ve waiting long enough for its arrival.