The Information Center – How Quickly ‘Tolerance’ Turns to Hate

I’ll say it right up front. I’ve never been a fan of Kanye West’s music. But I’ll make it a point to buy some of it now and maybe even some merchandise from one of his clothing companies for no other reason than to show the guy some support for taking a stand and refusing to back away from it under a hate filled backlash.

West, for those who may not be familiar with him, is an African American Rap singer and also an incredibly successful entrepreneur. He was the hero of Hollywood liberals, media moguls and everyone on the left who believed he was someone who towed their political line. He was a sought-after guest at all the glitzy celebrity parties and award shows. But that all changed in a flash recently. He is now despised and loathed by the very same people who once considered him to be almost Godlike. Why? Because he dared to express different views. He actually had the nerve to think independently and to commit the crime of all crimes in the world of progressive politics – he likes and supports President Trump and considers him a ‘brother’.

The backlash was swift. Idiots like Stephen Colbert and MSNBC hosts are openly saying that West must be mentally unstable. Social media exploded with more venom than a plane load of rattle snakes, some even saying they want not only Kanye West dead but his family members dead too. The vile, nasty comments, insults and threats are coming at him rapid fire by the same type of people who have always claimed to be pillars of tolerance and make it a point to consistently call most Americans closed minded bigots.

Yet, through all of this, Kanye West has refused to apologize or back down.  In fact, he has doubled down. He says he will not be silenced from speaking his mind or shamed into changing his views by the ‘liberal thought police’. But what really enraged his new-found enemies was when he said that many liberal Democrats act like plantation owners who think that everyone; especially people of color must stay in line, do what they’re told and never express an opposing view or an independent thought. With that, he has his detractors seething with rage. Can’t you just picture them in front of their keyboards frantically punching away with the spittle dripping from the sides of their mouths?

Mr. West has caused great concern among many. In fact, because of the views he has been expressing, he’s considered a serious threat. Because now, other well-known minority celebrities are starting to speak along the same lines as he’s been doing. Some who perhaps may have felt too intimidated to speak their minds and express differing views or to openly think independently or as Kanye said, ‘leave the liberal plantation’ are being heard. This scares some people because they fear it could snowball. As it’s being said more with each passing day ‘Agenda driven leftists are the most tolerant group around – as long as you agree with them’.

To Kanye West, if you ever do get to read this, I say once again – I’m no fan of your music but you have certainly earned my respect and the respect of millions of other Americans who appreciate someone who refuses to be part of a cowering flock of sheep.