Editorial – You Can’t Park Here, Rosie O’Donnell is Filming

From the reaction of some neighbors, it’s confirmed that many people were not too happy with being told – again, that they couldn’t park on their own streets. Streets that they pay taxes for, because those very limited parking spots had to be reserved for film crews. Said one irate neighbor: “It’s not bad enough that we’re told to keep our vehicles off our own blocks. But what makes it worse is it’s because ‘Showtime’ is in town filming a TV show that makes our town look bad. How’s that for irony? Is South Boston the only town Hollywood enjoys trashing?”

As many know, the TV series called SMILF, featuring Rosie O’Donnell as a Southie mother called ‘TuTu’ is in the process of filming its new season. It enjoys some degree of popularity, while many say they find it insulting to the neighborhood. And while there are some who still seem to find Ms. O’Donnell funny and entertaining, there are others who would like nothing better than to see her on a one-way trip to Canada by bus – to put it nicely. O’Donnell’s presence might be the main reason for the complaints.

But the questions to be asked is what are the guidelines for film companies coming into a neighborhood with far too little parking to begin with and forcing taxpayers to park sometimes 8-10 blocks away, if they can get a spot at all?

Do residents have input in these decisions and if not, why not? We get it. The entertainment world has this fascination with South Boston. But, when they roll in with huge convoys of giant trucks and force people to keep their cars away sometimes for days, it becomes a burden that is starting to grate on many residents. Is it time for Hollywood to find another town to focus on. Let us know what you think.