Hey! No Parking. We’re Filming Here

Local residents don’t need a newspaper to tell them how bad parking has become in South Boston. It’s a fact of life that they live with each and every day. So, it came as no surprise when some neighbors were upset at finding yet more no parking signs posted on trees and on poles in the area of East Fourth, East Fifth and K Streets over the weekend.

The signs warned that parking would be prohibited from 6pm Sunday evening through 6pm on Monday. Yet another movie filming was to take place in that area and the fleet of giant film company trucks would, as usual, take precedence over people who reside here. So, this set off the typical scramble to find a space – any space to put personal vehicles. Some reported that they had to walk as many as 10 blocks home, when they finally did find a spot.

Most folks are willing to put up with the occasional disruption. But, it seems as of late, South Bostonians, without even being consulted and having no say about it, are being subjected to more than their share. Between utility repairs and upgrades, which are in most cases a necessity, and all the construction taking place, which is getting mixed reviews at best, life is hectic around here.

But, if movie companies are going to add to the burden and disruption on a more frequent basis, which they seem to be doing, we feel it’s fair to make two demands in response.

One: People who live in the impacted city blocks should be consulted and have input well in advance and

Two: Revenue brought in by the film companies to the city coffers could be used to lower the property tax rates for local residents, who could certainly use a break.