The Information Center – Who Among You will ‘Scream at the Sky’?

Dear readers, before I get to other subjects in the news, I want to inform those of you who may not yet have heard of a big event coming up on November 8th. This will be one of the all-time classics sure to go down in history as a turning point in American politics. It’s being billed as the ‘Scream Helplessly into the Sky Day’ and is being advertized on ‘progressive’ and liberal social media sites with the goal of recruiting thousands of like-minded participants across the nation.  The local gathering will be held on Boston Common.

The ‘Scream Helplessly into the Sky’ event is described as follows. Libs will gather at designated locations in cities across the country on November 8th; which is the one-year anniversary of the election of President Donald Trump. The goal is to express opposition and protest the outcome of the election by looking upward and, at the designated time, screaming as loud and for as long as they possibly can. Tens of thousands of politically progressive thinking people have already signed up for this gathering of leftist intellectuals. I assure you, this is no joke or Fake News story. You can go to your favorite search engine online and look it up.

Now I know, I’m blowing a great opportunity to make fun of this with an endless number of wise remarks and jokes about the intelligence of the organizers of this event and those who plan to show up and take part in ‘Screaming Helplessly into the Sky’. But having given it some thought, there really isn’t much that can be said to properly poke fun at this. Because well – there are just no words.

Continuing with the ludicrous and insane, the Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia is the original church that George Washington and his family actually attended. It’s an old, but very well-preserved church, which still has an active congregation to present day. But church officials there have decided that the plaque on the wall honoring George Washington, America’s hero and first President, must be removed because it offends a few worshipers and makes a few others feel unsafe. So, disregarding the feelings of the majority of congregation members, who want the historical plaque to remain, church officers plan to remove the plaque to cater to the few snowflakes. My personal thoughts on this are these: I’m a Christian, but if a church that I belonged to made a decision like this, I would find a new church.

Several weeks back when there was a frenzy taking place among those intent on erasing and/or re-writing American History to tear down statues and ban Confederate, TEA Party and yes, even MIA-POW flags, President Trump, talk radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh and other Conservative celebs predicted that soon, this would be only the beginning and that these same people would come after the American Flag – Old Glory itself  – along with monuments to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus and other memorials of historical importance. Trump, Limbaugh and the others were scoffed at and called inciters. Well now it’s happening and it’s up to the rest of us to put a stop to it.

I’ll close this week with the words of Mr. Robert Jackson from Melbourne, Florida regarding the National Anthem protests by pro football players and the enabling NFL bosses. Mr. Jackson wrote the following which appeared in a Florida newspaper:

“In 2012, the NFL had an issue with Tim Tebow kneeling before each game to pray; they also had an issue with Tebow wearing the phrase ‘John 3:16 as part of his blackout to avoid glare, and made him take it off. In 2013, the NFL fined Brandon Marshall for wearing green cleats to raise awareness for people with mental health disorders. In 2014, Robert Griffin the 3rd entered a post game press conference wearing a shirt that said, “Know Jesus, Know Peace” but was forced to turn it inside out by the NFL before speaking at the podium.

In 2015, DeAngelo Williams was fined for wearing ‘find the cure’ eye black for breast cancer awareness. In 2015, William Gay was fined for wearing purple cleats to raise awareness for domestic violence (not that the NFL has a domestic violence problem. (haha).) In 2016, the NFL prevented the Dallas Cowboys from wearing a decal on their helmet in honor of 5 Dallas police officers killed in the line of duty. In 2016, the NFL threatened to fine players who wanted to wear cleats to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

So, tell me again how the NFL supports free speech and expression all of a sudden.”

Signed, Robert Jackson, Melbourne

Well said Mr. Jackson