I Was Just Thinking …

It has been repeatedly declared that the actions of those who stormed the Capital on January 6 were inexcusable and those responsible should be held accountable. We believe in law and order and consider all violence abhorrent.  

   Almost everyone arrested in the country over this riot is still in jail. They remain held without bail. Some are still in custody even though they didn’t commit any violence, don’t have criminal records, have jobs, and are retirees.

   But what about others who rioted and looted throughout the past year?

   Most BLM/Antifa rioters were released without bail. Their charges were dropped. Last June, over 400 rioters and looters in New York City were arrested yet subsequently released without bail. In Minneapolis, rioters were lauded as heroes as the city council voted to defund the real culprits, the police. Elsewhere in America, in Washington D.C., in California, in Portland and Seattle, those who burned buildings and looted businesses were released without suffering the consequences of their actions, their unlawful deeds.            

   So, why the double standard? Are some people more equal than others? Why the blatant hypocrisy? The answer is simple. Left is good. Right is bad. Trump Derangement Syndrome has poisoned the minds of many. They can’t help themselves.

   It’s ironic the new buzzword for the Democrats is the need for equity.

   But equity for who?

   Everyone, anyone who breaks the law, no matter who they are, must suffer the consequences of their behavior. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

   Americans want law and order.

   We don’t desire disorder and chaos.

   What happened on January 6 was inexcusable. What happened last year throughout the country was also inexcusable. Law and order are about maintaining the safety and well-being of all Americans. Selectively enforcing our laws and selectively dismissing some who break these laws based on their political leanings isn’t equity nor equality under the law, only something much worse.    

   On another note, the war on drugs has failed, but to legalize all drugs isn’t the answer. Drug addicts who need help should be given the necessary medical and psychological services to help them start anew before the addiction completely consumes them. On the other hand, the drug dealer making blood money and destroying lives should be thrown in prison. He or she doesn’t deserve any consideration from us whatsoever. The last thing we need to do is to allow our children to walk into the local store and buy a hypodermic needle and a bag of heroin as if they were buying milk and bread.