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He’s Back!  John Kerry With Another End Of The World Prediction

There is so much talk about ‘racism’ in America that it’s beginning to grate on peoples’ nerves.  Those of you who watched the Super Bowl, were bombarded with it in the majority of the commercials.  One of the highlights of the Super Bowl viewing experience has always been to be entertained by the ads.  But the ads stop being entertaining, when they become mostly lectures and scold people, because they are racist.  Well, for the most part, people are not racist and are tired of being told they are. And from the feedback we’re getting at this newspaper and from so many posts on social media, Americans, and in particular, white Americans have had enough.

By now, most Americans have come to realize that there is an ongoing campaign to make whites feel ashamed, and accept being targeted as evil by powerful forces. The latest story to be uncovered last week is how the Coca Cola Company has instructed their white employees to be, and I’m quoting – ‘Less White’. Is there such a thing? And is this not racist as well?

We’ve come to expect this from crazy college professors and from the mainstream news media. But now this campaign is seeping into the schools, where young white students are told that they are privileged and all but made to feel guilty, and how their parents must be racist as well. There are cases in a growing number of grade schools where students are being made to feel guilty and even responsible for slavery and past discrimination and that it is somehow their fault that this has gone on. They are also being taught that they are of less worth and importance, because of their ‘whiteness’ and must make amends.

One definition of racism is to treat people of other racial and ethnic groups differently, because of the color of their skin and heritage. And that is exactly what is taking place in America today and just about everyone knows it. Some are scared to challenge it, so it continues.

There is a lot of money to be made by keeping the racial pot boiling.  People like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters and groups like Black Lives Matter raise quite a bit of cash. Though they claim to be fighting against ‘systemic racism’, many believe that eliminating even the smallest racial division is not in their financial interests. But in addition, white liberals are probably the biggest racists of all and the way they condescend to people of color is a disgrace. So many white liberals in positions of power and their followers use a typical tactic made successful by Fascists and Communists throughout history:  They accuse their opponents of that which they themselves are guilty.  And as long as they are not challenged or confronted about it, it will continue to work.

Moving on, the latest distraction in the news is the trip to Cancun by Senator Ted Cruz. He accompanied his family on their pre planned trip when Texas was hit with a brutal winter storm.  He apologized, said it was not the right thing to do and came immediately back and went to work assisting his Texas constituents. The news media is running the story and attacking him for it almost 24/7. But the reason they are making a big issue of it is to distract from the Andrew Cuomo story.  Cuomo;,as everyone knows, sent thousands of Covid 19 infected victims into Nursing homes where the most vulnerable citizens reside. Because of this, thousands of senior citizens died. The whole country knows what he did. But instead of being a man and taking responsibility for his actions and apologizing like Cruz did for something far less egregious, he continues to deny he was at fault and blames everyone else. This is a guy who is praised for his handling of the situation by Biden, by Hollywood and the news media. It was a terrible thing that governor did, so it’s being all but ignored as they shift focus to Cruz to cover for Cuomo.

And finally, for this week – He’s Baaaaack.  John Kerry, as was stated before, has been brought out of moth balls and has been named the nation’s ‘Climate Czar’ by Biden. Kerry, referred to by many Vietnam veterans as the ‘male version of Jane Fonda’, wants the common people to ride bikes and take the bus to save the planet, but feels its ok for him to float at sea on his gas guzzling yachts and fly around in his private jet. Well, he has returned to the spotlight with his latest ridiculous climate prediction. He now says the planet has just 9 years left, if we don’t take immediate action to combat Climate Change/Global Warming. But we can save the planet if Americans just pay more taxes – a LOT more taxes. Since the 1970’s, we’ve been hearing these predictions of doom and gloom with timelines for the end of life on earth that have come and gone. John Kerry is probably the last person we should pay attention to.