I Was Just Thinking…

The Grace Church School in Manhattan has issued an Inclusive Language Guide which aims to address “ways we can remove harmful assumptions” from the way we interact.

            This guide advises staff and students to refrain from using phrases like “boys and girls” and “mom and dad” for the more generic “people” and “family.” Instead of mom and dad use the words grown up, folks or family. Instead of parents use grown-ups, folks, family, and guardians. Instead of nanny use the words caregiver or guardian. Instead of boyfriend, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, use spouse, partner, or significant other. Instead of sweetheart, honey, or similar pet names, use the words person or the person’s name. Instead of using the word boys and girls, guys, ladies, and gentlemen, use the words people, folks, or friends. When reading a book use the words child, person, character, instead of boy or girl. Instead of wishing someone “Merry Christmas” or “happy holidays,” tell them to “have a great break.”

            Also, common pronouns including he, him, his, and she, her, and hers, should be replaced with the singular version of they, them, and theirs, used to describe someone who does not feel comfortable using, or does not identify with, binary gendered pronouns.

            Control language and you control thought.

            Control thought and you control behavior.

            Control behavior and you have a subservient populace.

            The 12-page manifesto goes into further detail concerning other matters, but you get the picture. By the way, Grace School tuition for the academic year 2021-2022 is $57,330, in addition to trip fees, book fees, a parent’s association fee, and a graduation fee. What a bargain.

            On another matter, I want to thank former President Donald Trump for initiating Operation Warp Speed. This initiative resulted in the development of highly effective and safe vaccines to fight this deadly pandemic in record time. All the so-called medical experts (and Trump haters) said it could not be done. It would take years to be realized. Yet Trump said otherwise. He knew American spirit and ingenuity would prevail. And he was right. This successful endeavor ushered in a historic, medical miracle. Millions and millions of Americans should be thanking him for being so proactive in this matter at this moment in history.

            And to all my friends, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!