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We MIGHT Be Able To Celebrate The 4TH  – REALLY?

Many Americans watched Joe Biden’s address to the nation last week.  Many more did not.  Even with a teleprompter to assist, it was still robotic and halting, but that was expected to be the case. For those who didn’t watch it, you may have heard that it was about the Covid 19 virus and the steps currently being taken. Biden took credit for much of what President Trump accomplished and gave him no credit.  Whoever wrote the script must have forgotten to put those facts in.

Of particular note, was what was said regarding how we would be ‘allowed’ to gather on our nation’s biggest holiday. Biden relayed to the public in so many words that if we’re all good and do what we’re told, we MIGHT be allowed to attend backyard barbecues on the ‘4th of July’ with a small number of family and friends. But the feeling of millions and the response by so many goes something like this: To Joe, his teleprompter, and the Democrats who go right along with what was said, we are Americans.  We will celebrate ‘Independence Day’, however and with whomever we choose.  We don’t need the government’s permission.

As Fauci, the CDC and others who seem to want to keep our country in a state of hiding indefinitely to ‘prevent the continued spread of Covid’ demand that we still stay inside, wear a mask(S) and social distance, they have no problem with throwing open the southern border and bringing in hordes of illegal aliens, allowing them to roam the country. Many of these people are carrying the Covid virus, as well as a wide array of other diseases.  But that seems to be quite ok with the new regime in DC. Bring them all in, support them with the hard-earned tax dollars of American citizens and hopefully at some point get them on the voter rolls – as Democrats. The way Pelosi and Schumer see it: With what’s taking place in the country now, If Americans will no longer vote for Democrats, they will import people who will.

The human traffickers, the cartels and the gang members are in their glory as they smuggle people in by the boatloads and caravans in every location that Trump’s wall hasn’t been finished. Those who find themselves with a form of ‘buyer’s remorse’ because of how they voted can in many cases now be heard howling about the sky-rocketing gas and home heating fuel prices, the coming massive tax hikes and yes, those open borders. A little late for that, wouldn’t you say?

The Grammy’s were held last weekend and the TV viewing audience dropped another 50% from last year’s dismal numbers which were a record low then. The organizers of the event either just don’t understand that Americans are tired of this boring and preachy freak show, or they just don’t care.  They seem to be determined to spout their politics even if their audience drops to a handful of people crammed into a room the size of a minivan. What most consider a vulgar performance was something you wouldn’t really want the kids to see with the big highlight being the dance and song display called WAP.  By now we all know what those three letters stand for and won’t be repeated here. That was considered wholesome entertainment, but Dr. Seuss and Looney Tunes cartoons must be cancelled because they are inappropriate.

Columbia University, that bastion of leftist, liberal tolerance, not to be outdone by Harvard and other indoctrination centers, proudly boasts that this year, rather than have just one graduation ceremony which includes all, they will have seven. The graduating students will be separated by race, income levels, ethnicities and sexual orientation. How’s that for promoting unity? It was reported that the number of high school graduates opting to go to colleges and universities is continuing to drop, as students would much rather have careers in the trades and other real-life occupations. With what so many American campuses are pushing now, the change in sought after professions is no surprise.

Ok, so with what was mentioned in today’s column being just a fraction of what is negatively affecting our country, what can Americans do to correct it and save this great nation? Well, it’s never too early to start preparing to put people into public office again who love America and don’t seek to change it into a third world disaster.  Steps need to be taken to make sure elections are secure again.  Voter ID laws in every state are an important step and are not ‘voter suppression’ in any way, shape or form. Americans are resilient.  We’ve been through rough times before and always come back stronger.  This time will be no different if we put our minds to it and hold true to that amazing document called the Constitution of the United States given to us by our Founding Fathers.