I Was Just Thinking…

What began as protests concerning the senseless murder of George Floyd by the hands of dirty cops served as a grand excuse for the radical Left-progressives-to attack America. To attack our history. To destroy our culture. They used the toppling of Confederate statues as their cover to attack our grand flag, to burn it. To destroy a statue of an abolitionist, of George Washington, and even Frederick Douglass, a writer, an orator, and champion of the antislavery movement. And they will not stop until we stop them.

   They desire to erase our history, eerily reminding me of Orwellian goals and 20th century communist purges to reeducate people (while murdering millions) and eradicate the past as never occurring. I believe the radical Left does hate America. They see nothing but evil. They don’t, won’t recognize that it is, with all its flaws, still the best nation in the world in which to live.  

   They refuse to believe that history teaches us the good and the bad and from these mistakes we grow and change. Without knowing our history how do we move on to better days? These so-called progressives are bent on destroying our culture, obliterating our past and to stuff their beliefs down our throats. Like it or not.

   “History and progress are inextricably linked,” wrote Ken Buck from the National Review. “History tells the story of progress, and progress is possible by studying history — and, in some cases, learning from past mistakes.

   “Slavery is a dreadful part of our history,” Buck wrote further. “Despite what progressives say, the abolition of slavery occurred because of, not in spite of, our history and foundation. A nation that was formed with liberty as the chief objective of government was on the right path. The 19th century improved what the 18th century got horribly wrong, and the 20th century continued to build upon the 19th century’s advancements. With each century that passes, we move toward a more perfect union. That is progress.

   “Progressives are determined to destroy not just statues,” Buck added. “…but historical memories because they know American history is incompatible with their goals. America’s founding documents, and even the stories behind the statues in the U.S. Capitol building, tell the story of American greatness and offer a roadmap for us to renew our commitment to our Founding principles.”

   They want to replace our Constitution.

   Tear it to pieces.  

   Deny individual freedom and dismiss personal responsibility.

   Force their socialist and godless views of society upon us, thinking they know what is best for us. Thinking they should control our lives, tell us how to live, what to teach our children.

   Erase our history and replace it.

   Destroying statues is where they started in their goal of reshaping America’s future.

   They are dangerous and close-minded people, unwilling to open their minds to diverse views which they allegedly defend.

   We need to fight against this destructive cultural revolution.    

   And not let this anarchy, destruction, and disorder continue because our future depends upon it.