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Are Current Events Getting To You? They Should Be

By now, as we all watch current events taking place, it is pretty clear that everyone but the hopelessly naïve or those in denial realizes that there is now in place an organized effort to take down our country and make it into something that Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Barack Obama would be proud of. Much of it is either being led by or at the very least meets with the approval of prominent members of the Democrat party. Had I said something like this several years ago, those words would be met by shock, anger, and disdain in this community.  But not so much any longer. People, and this includes many lifelong Democrats, see what’s going on and they don’t like it and they are getting angrier by the day.

Voters are watching as statues are being  torn down, businesses and companies are being threatened with boycotts and even violence if they don’t submit and an effort to not only weaken law enforcement and even disband it in many places, but also to make people no longer even want to become police officers now and into the future. 

The NFL is run by cowards who actually have agreed to play something called the ‘The Black National Anthem’ before our nation’s Anthem.  Like every other country, the United States has one anthem only. Elected officials in liberal run cities are cowering in the face of the most unreasonable demands imaginable. Eliminating police departments? Really? And since there is a campaign against our National Anthem and statues of our Founding Fathers and its being allowed by a growing number of elected officials, what’s going to happen when they demand that American flags stop being flown from public buildings because they are offensive or ‘racist’? Personally, I have no doubt that when flying ‘Old Glory’ becomes the next target, there will be some Democrat politicians, including some in this city and certainly in this state that will actually agree with it and others that won’t dare take a stand to prevent it. That could never happen you might say? Well, who would have believed that when activists demanded that a statue of Abraham Lincoln be removed, no one in authority would dare raise a voice to in opposition? South Dakota has a governor who stood up and said ‘no way’ when the radicals clamored to remove the carvings on Mount Rushmore. That kind of courage doesn’t exist in Massachusetts. If events continue their current course, it will be up to the American people to rise up and put an end to it. The chances of that happening become more likely by the day.

The radicals believe they have the wind at their backs and are pushing for everything they can get; especially in the face of the groveling they are witnessing. Colin Kaepernick is a perfect example.  His statement last week on Independence Day made clear what his agenda is.  He said, ‘We reject your July 4th celebration of White Supremacy”. Well, millions of Americans reject his race baiting hatred for this country.  They are making it known by boycotting his sponsors; among them NIKE, which announced that they have lost hundreds of millions in profits and are now making massive layoffs because of that company’s support of Kaepernick. The people are speaking up against him, but again, those in elected office, with the exception of President Trump and a few others don’t utter a word.

In California, they have been allowing large organized demonstrations which include many paid protesters, to go on unrestrained. But their governor, who gives these protests the green light, is trying to prevent Christians from singing in church because he says the singing might help spread Corona Virus.

So yes, we are witnessing a disturbing pattern here and this is why patriotic Americans are concerned and are ready to put a stop to it.

Over the last few weeks, I have been contacted by so many of you asking my opinion about gun ownership.  Questions regarding the process on how to get a license to carry firearms, where to take firearms safety courses , what kind of guns would be best for a beginner to learn, the cost and where to purchase.  But the main question is seeking an opinion about whether I thought it was a good idea or not. My response to that would be if you feel comfortable becoming a gun owner it is your right.  The Second Amendment allows all law-abiding Americans to do so.  The choice is yours. Do what you feel you must do.