I Was Just Thinking…

   While Mobs in our inner cities, the so-called peaceful protestors, are destroying property and committing other unlawful and despicable deeds, such as physically assaulting innocent people, those caught in the throes of drug addiction struggle in the shadows to stay alive. Many don’t survive their individual ordeals battling drug addiction. They overdose and die.   

   The virus of drug abuse is without doubt just as deadly as the Covid-19 virus, and should be considered as fearful of an enemy, an insidious foe which needs to be defeated in battle. Yet it isn’t and the death toll piles up as the war rages on in endless fashion. From 1999 through 2017, 702,000 Americans died from drug overdoses. In 2018, over 67,000. In 2019, over 70,000. And when 2020 is closed out, it’s a sure bet that drug overdoses will continue to be catastrophic.

   Americans from every part of the nation are dying from drugs every day. In my book, Hope and Despair, The Southie Pact Part Two, I wrote, “Tragically, these gut-wrenching occurrences blend into one solitary story about too many people dying before they should.”

   Indeed, dying before their time, missed sorely by their loved ones yet merely listed as statistics by others.

   Numbers to be calculated for future reference only,

   Maybe someday this will change.

   Maybe these victims, these poor, forgotten, drug-addicted souls will no longer be considered merely as collateral damage in life by society at large.

   I surely hope so.

   On another note, while we are asked to wear masks, social distance, and stay home, U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley has called for continued “Unrest” in the streets over lack of movement on police reform. We must follow the science, act as responsible and unselfish citizens, but not so much the rioters, mistakenly referred by many as peaceful protestors. They can do what they wish, when and wherever.

   Some of the meanings of the word unrest include chaos, anarchy, rebellion, uprising, rioting, turmoil, disorder, and sedition. And sedition means subversion, rabble-rousing, rebellion, revolt, subversion, and civil disorder.

   That’s what Representative Pressley is calling for.  

   But isn’t she a member of Congress, a leader who has sworn to abide by the Constitution?   

   Shouldn’t she be calling for law and order because no one is above the law?  

   Shouldn’t she be leading in a positive manner allowing laws and reforms to be enacted in a peaceful manner?

   Obviously, she’s not doing that.

   She’s simply dismissing the democratic political process which would maintain order and protect our democracy.

   And preserve peace and stability we all desire and deserve.