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Church Bells Ringing With Beautiful Patriotic Songs ‘Trigger’ A Few?

South Boston has always had a reputation of honoring our veterans and being an overall very patriotic community.  And I’m happy to say that even with the influx of so many new residents, it remains the same today as many of the new comers seem to have similar beliefs. But in every town, you are bound to have a few that just don’t get it.  We had one such disgruntled caller, who left a voicemail late one night  whose phone number came up ‘unknown caller’ who stated that perhaps the church bells at Gate of Heaven should not be playing the song called ‘America the Beautiful’. Why? Because, well, it could make some feel uncomfortable and even be ‘offensive’ to recent immigrants, who might think that the song is not fostering enough “inclusivity”. The caller obviously didn’t want a call back, since he chose not to leave his name and number or other contact. But he apparently reads this newspaper so we’ll respond to him here.

To the caller: ‘The song America the Beautiful, as is the case with God Bless America and our National Anthem itself, means a lot to most Americans. In fact, we are just fine with these songs. We don’t want them to cease to be played and we definitely do not want the lyrics changed and the fact that our local churches have their chimes play these songs makes most people happy. There seems to be the sentiment among some people that just because someone or some group doesn’t like a particular song or statue or name of a street or building that they must be changed to appease the few. The fact that the overwhelming majority of people don’t want the change seems not to matter to those who do. The feelings, wants, needs and preferences of the few should take precedent and are apparently far more important than what everyone else wants. That’s not how it should work in America and it’s definitely NOT how it works in South Boston. This neighborhood is not the NFL or the NBA, New York City or Harvard University. It does not buckle to the whims of Political Correctness to appease someone or some group so fragile that the playing of a song, especially a beloved anthem ‘triggers’ them. It sounds like you might have a little more growing up to do. The title of the old Rolling Stones song called ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ comes to mind’.

And now, for what is racist this week, we have yet another surprise. Have you and your family gone camping this summer? Have you EVER gone camping?  So sorry to inform you but you need to stop it and apologize for your insensitivity.  Because according to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, yup, you guessed it, Camping is racist, and it seems it always has been. Who Knew?  No need to go into the details as to why the LA Times came to that conclusion.  Look it up if you feel the need to know.  We did and it’s just more of the usual PC babble.

Remember the sounds of the Ice Cream Trucks that used to play their music when they came to the neighborhoods?  It was one of the familiar sounds of summer. But NO! In the places where the trucks still operate, pressure is being put on the owners to cease playing the jingles or to change them immediately because they are racist.  Of course, they are. Why would anyone think anything different?

Staying on the absurd, well known Hollywood loon ‘Cher’ is convinced that when President Trump makes his speech at the Gettysburg Civil War Memorial, he will be doing so to show support for ‘The Confederacy’.  Cher somehow seems to be unaware that the Confederacy has been nonexistent for more than 150 years. She probably believes that there will be thousands of Confederate soldiers massed there to cheer on the President. Perhaps she also believes that Hitler is poised to invade Poland next weekend, Roman Legions are assaulting the British Isles and Patrick Henry will be a featured speaker at this month’s Republican National Convention. After listening to so many other statements that Cher has made over the years, none of the above would be hard to believe.