Parents Have The Right to Know What Their Kids Are Learning

There is a building anxiety among many parents as the start of a new school year approaches.  How will parents, who must work to pay the bills and support the family, manage, if everything will be done at home or remotely? This is a concern to many who need their jobs and cannot afford to pay the growing costs of day care. Added to the worries is the question of so much uncertainty.  Will remote learning be for the entire year?  If not, when and how will moving i to the classrooms take place and how soon will that decision be made? But there is also another rising concern.

A few school districts around the country are attempting to institute a policy that would force parents to sign an agreement that they will not sit in on, or monitor or in some instances even inquire about what, their children’s’ lessons consist of when learning remotely at home.  In other words, some school districts, buckling to the demands of some teacher’s organizations want to ensure that mom and dad don’t get to view the computer monitor, while the kids are being taught.  And these teachers are ADAMANT about this.  Which begs the question – WHY? What do certain educators plan to be saying to their students that they don’t want the parents to know about? Needless to say, parents in these school districts are not happy about this and for the most part, are rebelling against it and refusing to sign such an agreement, nor should they.

It’s important that educators everywhere understand that these children do not belong to them, they belong to the parents. While the teachers are being paid to educate, the parents have every right to know, in detail, what is being taught. While it is, so far, a small minority of school districts and teachers who are insisting on this policy, it should be stopped dead in its tracks before it spreads. Ideas like this aren’t helping one bit to diminish the growing suspicion that political indoctrination is slowly and insidiously taking the place of real education in America’s public schools.