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The Difference between the 2 Political National  Conventions

One of the best things about being an American is that we all have our own views and the right to express them, even though in today’s climate, some on the Left try hard to suppress that right. And with those differing views, it’s possible to see the very same things but from opposite opinions. For example, the talking heads on media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post and other left leaning sites watched the Democrat National Convention the previous week and were fawning over it.  As crazy as the ideas expressed and the speakers were, those media types were head over heels in love.  But they were actually giving it rave revues even before the convention started. They probably would have done it, if it consisted of performing seals catching fish and circus clowns piling out of a tiny car. One amused reader actually described it that way. When it came to the Republican National Convention which followed, well, the same media outlets  were attacking it days before it began and they couldn’t wait for the First Lady’s speech to even start before they commenced to picking apart the dress she wore and her shoes. Petty?  Of course, but very predictable.

Like most people, I too have a take on the differences between the two conventions, as well as what is in the platforms of both political parties. Here is what I saw, heard, and read:

At the DNC and what they support:  Open Borders, free healthcare for illegal immigrants, abortion even AFTER birth, raise taxes through the roof, TRY to take guns away from law abiding citizens, let violent criminals out of prisons and refuse to prosecute those currently committing violent criminal acts, absolute silence on the rioting, looting and burning in Democrat-run cities, defund and disrespect and all but neutered police departments, slash the military, regulate businesses into bankruptcy, stifle free speech, indoctrination in education for the nation’s students, erase the parts of American history they don’t like and an organized effort to turn our country to Socialism. Oh, and let us not forget the removal of the word God from traditional documents. To summarize: America is an evil, racist country and we should be so ashamed that we should tear down and change it all to appease their radical base. And of course, the main theme throughout – Hate Trump.

At the RNC: I saw on display American pride, support for our military, support for law enforcement  personnel and law and order itself, secure borders, protection for the precious unborn, defense of the Second Amendment, protect Religious freedom, tax CUTS, school choice and a public education system that expresses and teaches pride in America rather than teaching students to blame our great nation for all the evil and ills in the world. They advocated for job creation and an end to massive job and business-killing regulations, equality among the races, not preferences for select groups, freedom of speech and an emphasis on making sure that America’s best days are still ahead.

At the RNC I saw a positive message and a successful policy-focused goal and to be blunt, I felt like I was watching the ‘American’ convention. I’m not sure what the hell I was watching during the DNC. In my opinion, it was anything BUT pro America. 

I’m well aware that some of my Democrat readers and friends will disagree with my take on the different conventions. And that’s ok. Like I said, as Americans, we are free to hold different views. But I also know for a fact that the number of folks, who would have disagreed with these findings several years ago is considerably larger than those who disagree today.  How do I know this?  I hear it loud and clear each and every day by more and more people; many of them former and even those still currently registered Democrats.