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Building a Wall will Save American Lives and That’s A Fact

“Fentanyl causes 29% of overdoses in the United States and according to Department of Homeland Security numbers, 90% of Fentanyl is coming over the southern border from Mexico. How many more Americans have to die before politicians stop playing politics and build the wall?”

The above is a question being asked countless times by people all over our country. It’s being asked by patriotic American lawmakers – thank God there are still some – who are being blocked at every turn, when they try to put forth REAL solutions to the problem. It’s being asked by people who have lost beloved family members, who are going through the heartache of burying their children. It’s being asked by folks, as they watch the agony of friends and relatives suffering from addiction. It’s being asked by Americans who are watching their once safe communities become crime ridden, as dealers set up shop on the streets to sell their poison in their efforts to create even more addicts. And still, the drugs keep pouring across the border.

We see the captured drugs and cartel cash piled to the ceiling in Border Patrol warehouses near the Rio Grande. But it’s just a fraction of what’s still getting through, where the border is not guarded or protected by walls and barriers. The cartels only send a small portion through the ports of entry. This is verified by Border Patrol agents and officials themselves, who are practically begging for a wall to be finished. Oh, and let’s not forget the new crop of recently elected liberal politicians, the real crazies, clamoring to eliminate ICE and cut Border Patrol funding. They are our country’s first line of defense at the border. We’d be in a lot worse shape without them and isn’t that what the crazies really want?

So, when we hear those phonies in power tell us that they are serious about putting an end to the opioid crisis running rampant in so many of our nation’s cities and towns and suburbs, and now even rural areas, and that they will be making it their priority and do everything possible to end it, but they are adamantly opposed to building the border wall, I can only assume they are lying. They are frauds. They know walls and barriers work. They block the drugs and human traffickers, who have to find the locations that are not protected to move their contraband into America. But they also know that walls and barriers keep out illegals as well, and this is something these phonies do NOT want.  It’s in their political interest to keep a steady flow of illegals flooding into the United States, because they hope that they will one day become part of their political base and vote to keep them in power.  That there are hardened criminals, gang members and people coming to live off US taxpayer’s money is of no concern to them, as long as they can someday get them on the voter rolls.

Here in Boston, we only need to take a ride past Andrew Square and head toward Boston Medical Center. The streets often resemble scenes from the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’, as addicted people can be seen stumbling around heading for their next ‘dose’ or for their nearest heroin street dealer for their next fix. It’s not unusual to see people shooting up in the middle of the day right in plain sight. It can no longer be ignored or denied, we’ve all seen it. Yes, these people need treatment and care and compassion to help them to at least try to escape from the terrible existence they’re living. They don’t need to be enabled to continue endlessly in this condition. And those dealers who hide in the shadows, like the predators they are, need to be locked up and have the key melted down. There have been proposals floated in other states to charge with murder, anyone who has been convicted of selling or knowingly giving dangerous illegal drugs to someone whose death was caused by that drug – an idea worth serious consideration.

I know, this week’s column is dark and I’m sorry about that.  I’d rather write about the cotton tail rabbits that are in my back yard and other pleasant topics. But this is serious, our leaders know how to solve it and the fact that many of them work hard to obstruct real solutions needs to be dealt with. Confirmed by law enforcement, building the border wall will save American lives. Not building it will cause more lives to be lost. It’s just that simple.