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A Review of and Commentary on Recent Stories

To review, in last week’s column, we asked if there were any readers who agree with Bernie Sander’s statement that he wants the Marathon Bomber to be allowed to vote in US elections from his prison cell. And if there were, would they please write in and tell us why they agreed, and they could do so anonymously. Well, no one wrote in to defend Bernie’s statement. We did however receive 106 comments from readers saying that the bomber (his name won’t be mentioned here; he has already received far too much publicity) should absolutely NOT be allowed to vote. Many respondents had very creative suggestions about what they’d like to see happen to him. There was one respondent, who expressed no opinion on the voting issue but complained that I had twisted Bernie’s words. My response to that was I simply repeated the words that the Senator used which were spoken on national TV and rerun on video dozens of times. This column has a policy of leaving the Fake News to sources like CNN.

Among the big news stories in recent days was of course the so called ‘trade war’ with China. Looking into how the trade deals with that nation have been going over the past decades, China has been taking advantage of our country in a huge way, pretty much sticking it to America at every turn and the last few Presidents did absolutely nothing about it. President Trump made the promise when campaigning for the White House that, if he won, he would get us out of all the bad trade deals America has been locked into for so many years. One of his mottos was ‘America First’. Had former Presidents had the courage and the will to take this action, it’s a good bet our nation’s economy would have been much better off long before the current President had to come along and do something about it.

We’re told that this ‘Trade War’ with China could cause prices for American consumers on various items to rise. But most of the people I know are willing to pay a bit more to buy American products and those things that may not be made in America can be purchased from other Asian countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines. In a way, you can’t really fault China too much for the current situation. Their leaders are looking out for their country, as they have always put ‘China First’. They would certainly be expected to try to get the best deals they could to benefit them, just like every other country does. They have now learned that the United States will no longer be a pushover and that finally, America is back. The rest of the world will just have to get used to it and that’s a good thing.

“There is always kind of a calmed feeling I tell folks whenever I think of the Holocaust”. As we all know now, this statement was made by Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. If these aren’t anti-Semitic sentiments, I don’t know what are. When you look at this person’s past statements and the people she is aligned with, it would be difficult not to believe that she is a radical Islamist. And by those statements, alliances and some of her activities, most are convinced that she doesn’t much care for America in general and Jewish people in particular. And yet, Nancy Pelosi and some other leaders in her party continue to defend her; claiming she really doesn’t mean what she is saying, and then demanding that those who criticize Tlaib are the ones who should apologize.

It would make Pelosi and her liberal minion’s jobs so much easier if the American people were as stupid as she wishes they were. It’s predicted by a growing number of political experts that these people; Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Adam Schiff, Nadler etc. will lose their majority in Congress come the next election, as they continue to shock and disgust American voters by what they say and what they are trying to do to this country on almost a daily basis.