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          Even The ‘MY PILLOW’ Guy Can’t Catch A Break


According to some reports, the United States might be seeing that much anticipated light at the end of the tunnel in regard to the Coronavirus sooner than expected. It’s a terrible thing that people have died and others have been hospitalized and or suffered through severe symptoms of this epidemic.  Thankfully, the numbers predicted early on; many of which were worse case scenarios, are falling short of those predictions. The number of those recovering is accelerating and the grip on our country may be loosening up sooner rather than later.  Prayers and crossed fingers can’t hurt.

As in every serious situation; whether earth quakes, floods, tornados and any number of tragic events of epic size, there are many stories that come to light about people stepping up and helping others in trouble.  Americans are famous for the way they come together to help one another; often putting their own lives at risk. Much praise has been given to all the doctors, nurses, and every type of first responder that has been working tirelessly through this current situation. It’s praise that every last one of them deserves and yet they don’t do it for praise and that makes it even more praise worthy.

Some of America’s biggest companies have come forward and shifted their efforts from making their usual products to producing much needed respirators, ventilators, masks and other items to help in the effort. General Motors, Ford and other auto manufacturers were quick to jump in. Remington Fire Arms is in the process of temporarily retooling a full 75% of it’s operations and it’s factories to make the products that help the medical field. Their attitude is that they are doing very well thanks to their vast customer base and they want to give back. This is what America does when unity and cooperation is needed. Yet, not everyone is on board.

There are, as most Americans are witnessing, a core of people in Hollywood, in politics and of course in the news media who not only just can’t bring themselves to do anything constructive in this national effort, they instead do nothing but obstruct, criticize, complain and attack those who do step up and help. One example as we all saw last week is Mike Lindell, founder and owner of the My Pillow company. Like some of you, I found his TV commercials annoying. Not because of the content, but because he was everywhere; coming at us 24/7. No matter where you turned, there was Mike in his blue shirt selling pillows and sheets. But he is a good man and proud American who feels he has done so well with his business thanks to the American consumer, he wants to give back too. And he’s doing it in a big way. He has shifted gears at his company and instead of making pillows; he is producing and donating 10,000 safety masks per day, every day. He has dedicated his call centers to helping in the effort to fight the virus. Because of this and so many other talents that he possesses, he was asked by the president to be part of the Federal Coronavirus Task Force and has accepted the position, at no pay and has gone right to work. Well, it seems no good deed goes unpunished as the America hating crazies in Hollywood and in the news media went ballistic and attacked. They are insulting him with vile name calling and are trashing him ever since he was selected. The attacks were so vicious that he at first couldn’t believe it and asked the question ‘Are they really this evil?” Yes Mike, they are. They are even insulting his family. One only has to read some of the posts on social media to see the venom he and his family are being subjected to.

It’s seems the biggest problem his hateful detractors have with him isn’t because they don’t think he’s up to the job or they think his contributions to the national effort are not generous. Nope. It’s because he is a practicing proud and faithful Christian and makes no attempt to hide it. The plainly visible cross he wears around his neck in his commercials just drives his detractors crazy and they despise him for it because they despise any outward signs of Christian and Jewish faith. Of course if he came to fame as an advocate for windmills or he was the owner of a company that made vegan food instead of pillows and was a champion of Socialism, he’d be hailed as a hero by these same people.

But Mike Lindell is not deterred and takes it all in stride. He will continue to do his part along with the other American companies that have stepped up to help in this time of need; ignoring the clamoring outrage and hysteria of those celebrities and reporters who themselves, do absolutely nothing to help the cause and attack those who do. Thank God for these American companies who stepped forward to help their country and certainly for Mike Lindell; annoying commercials and all.

I’ll close this week with a quote directed at the liberals who have expressed so much hatred for Mike Lindell:

“If a guy who makes pillows and believes in God triggers you into an uncontrollable rage, you may want to re evaluate your life”