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As The Lunacy Continues, What Must We Do To End It?


News Flash!!  We have another quote – words of wisdom, from yet another deep-thinking college professor. While California’s lunatic governor insists that his state’s raging wildfires are caused by ‘Climate Change’ and of course Trump, forestry experts have stated, with data to back it up, that it’s not the case at all. 

In fact, they lay the blame at 2 completely different causes: Poor forest management as advocated by the leftist environmentalists, and arson.  Yes, many of these fires were deliberately set by arsonists.  At least a dozen of them have been arrested so far.  But their governor won’t even acknowledge the arson, nor will his radical environmentalist allies. But and here’s where this week’s news flash and enlightened quote comes in – Mr. Ted Grudin, a professor of Environmental Science at the University of Santa Clara in California (of course), says he knows the REAL reason for the fires. Its ‘White Supremacy’. Oh, but there’s more.  According to Professor Grudin, not only is White Supremacy responsible for the wildfires on the west coast, it’s also the cause of hurricanes on the east coast.

The fact that anyone even listens to these people or takes them seriously enough to print what they say is mind boggling enough, but that there are actually people who believe and agree with some of these kook professors is nothing less than incredible.  And yes, I know, I’m just as bad for repeating what these people are saying here in this column.  The reason I do it is because so many of you, the readers, say you actually get a big laugh out of the insanity of these people and find it entertaining.  I guess I do too. So one of the things we can learn from these ‘brilliant’ intellectuals and crack pot politicians is that in California, arson is now called ‘Climate Change’ and everything else they don’t like is White Supremacy – a term that they feel carries more weight than the worn out and over used ‘racism’. Plus, by using the WS term, it eliminates any implication that people of other races can be, well, racist. See how clever they think they are? 

Moving from California to Minnesota, radical Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is said to be involved in a major and massive voter fraud and ballot harvesting scheme designed to cheat in elections. But even if it is proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is involved in this and other felony scandals she is said to have been caught in, will there really be any consequences for her actions or punishment of any kind? It is the opinion of many, that if Congresswoman Omar was caught personally training ISIS assassins in her basement and firebombing nursing homes, leadership in the Democrat party would come to her defense and demand that she be given a pass without even getting an apology from her, because to ask for even that would be considered racist.

Folks, what it comes down to is this. Americans, and I’m talking about patriotic Americans, people who love our country, need to get out and vote this November 3rd.  Don’t sit this one out and don’t be overconfident. It is our duty to vote out of office, any and all politicians who are working against the best interests of our nation and our freedoms AND those politicians who are too cowardly to oppose their colleagues who are involved. Many of us have witnessed firsthand the long lines at gun stores as literally millions more Americans are arming up with firearms and ammo because they are worried. 

People are taking these precautions and its confirmed that just in the last 3 months alone, more than 6 million more Americans have become first time gun owners bringing the number, according to FBI statistics, to approximately 100 million the number of US citizens who own them and they have every right to do so. But the lines at the polling locations of people waiting to cast their ballots on November 3rd need to be at least as long as those waiting in line to buy guns. It’s the duty of every loyal American to keep our homeland from being taken over by those who would tear it down. Our Founding Fathers would want nothing less.