The Information Center – A Fading ex President, Circus Clowns and a Great Court Pick

“Obama is like a guy who couldn’t open a jar for 8 years. Trump came along and opened the jar then Obama said – well, I loosened it for you”. This was a quote from a political pundit that went viral after last week’s emergence from God knows where of former President Barack Obama. He apparently thought he would come back with a bang and shake up the political landscape. After making 3 or more speeches, it’s clear he should have stayed home.

Among the dumbest and most ridiculous statements he made in recent days was his response to the decision by his close friend, Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel. Mayor Emanuel announced that he would not seek reelection. To which Obama replied that Emanuel as mayor, has made Chicago “stronger and better”. Say WHAT?? Even some of the most die-hard Obama supporters had to be snickering at that whopper. That city has become a basket case, overrun with illegal alien gang members and criminals, as a result of Emanuel’s stated policy that Chicago will always be a Sanctuary City and it’s a safer place because of that Sanctuary City status.

The press makes any mass shooting in America of ‘three or more people shot’ almost anyplace, into a lead story. Yet seldom, if ever, is there a mention that in Chicago, there are mass shootings every weekend. Recently there were 70 people shot in a weekend, 40 people within just a 7-hour period. The place is a battlefield. The police are often under siege and, in many areas there, it’s not safe to step out of your home even in the day time. Emanuel is resigning because he can’t handle it. His Socialist policies and incompetence caused most of the problems and he knows it. But Obama, never one to let truth get in the way of a flowery speech, acted like the ‘windy city’ is a paradise.

Then, at the University of Illinois, he attacked the state of the US economy under President Trump, then took credit for the booming economy under Trump all in the same speech implying that it’s actually because of his 8 years in office that it’s doing so well now. (See the opening quote at the top of this column).

But what must have been a shock to his enormous ego, he travelled to California to make another speech, where 10,000 people were expected to turn but less than 900 actually showed up. Clearly, the magic has faded and the spell he once had over his once devoted followers has been broken.

The other big political story last week was of course the confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court. Much of the nation was embarrassed at what took place as grown ‘adults’, acting like undisciplined children, shouted, screamed and stamped their feet, yelling obscenities in desperate juvenile efforts to stop or at least obstruct the proceedings. Some of them even harassed the wife and young children of Kavanaugh, to the point that his daughters had to be escorted out of the building for their safety.

70 protesters were arrested on the first day and some were caught on video outside actually being paid off in cash for their actions. By the way these protesters were actin, if they arrived at the hearings with a dozen or more jammed into tiny cars like the painted clowns at a three ring circus, it probably would not be a surprise to anyone.

One of the most memorable standouts was the woman wearing a T-Shirt, emblazoned with the words ‘Hate Free Zone’, screaming and yelling at Judge Kavanaugh that he was a “F….n A..hole and needed to die”. Aren’t they just special people? And they call Trump supporters, haters?

And yet, throughout all the turmoil caused by the protesters and the theatrics by some of the Democrat senators, Judge Kavanaugh maintained an extraordinary discipline and dignity and displayed his deep and extensive knowledge of the law and would not back off his commitment to defending the US Constitution. And that’s what Supreme Court Justices are supposed to do – follow the Constitution. If he is confirmed, as he should be, the good guys will have added another great one to the highest court in the land and America will be that much closer to becoming even greater than ever.