The Information Center – Who Among You will ‘Scream at the Sky’?

Dear readers, before I get to other subjects in the news, I want to inform those of you who may not yet have heard of a big event coming up on November 8th. This will be one of the all-time classics sure to go down in history as a turning point in American politics. It’s […]

The Information Center The Founding Fathers Are Smiling Today

  The swearing in of Neil Gorsuch as the newest US Supreme Court Justice might sound to some like just another judge on the bench, but it’s so much more.  This is big – REAL big! His addition will shift the highest court in the land back on track, where it belongs and will once […]

The Information Center – Another College Professor Having a Meltdown

  College Professors – Don’t you just love them?  Before ripping into yet another College Prof, which is something often done on this page, I want to make it clear that some of them are fantastic educators and great Americans. And then of course there are those ‘other ones’. One of the major causes of […]

The Information Center – Heroin Dealers And The Penalties They Should Face?

  It’s a lot more fun writing columns that contain positive subjects or topics that can make us all laugh. It’s too bad that everything in the real world could not be upbeat and pleasant.  Sometimes, you just have to talk about things that are not so nice or down right sad. But you can’t […]

The Information Center – And We Thought Drinking Milk Was A Good Thing.

  We’ve probably all heard the saying “Milk does your body good”. Well, it does and you’re a racist. If you’re a regular reader of this column you know that from time to time we like to highlight the absurd. There are people whose ideas are so off the wall that when they espouse them […]

The Information Center – The Biggest Increase in Gun Ownership is among Women

  Leading in with some numbers this week, US Border Patrol and Homeland Security confirm that since Donald Trump has become president the number of illegal aliens attempting to cross the border has dropped by 40% and the number of arrests of those who do make it across is way up. To most Americans this […]

The Information Center – Does President Trump Have Supernatural Powers Too?

  President Trump has been in the news a lot this week but we’ll get to his political and policy activities right after this amazing news: Who knew that the President had such talents and abilities?  It seems he has powers beyond the average human. While he might not be able to leap tall buildings […]

The Information Center – Gratitude for our Volunteers and Pride in America’s Youth

  Some have stated that there is the feeling among many that the St. Patrick’s Day/Evacuation Day parade is losing steam, as far as crowd interest is concerned. But, social media would indicate otherwise. The South Boston Allied War Veteran’s Council has a website ( and has posted the route for this year’s procession. We […]

Information Center – President Trump, Fake News and a Dishonest Media

  “The fake news media isn’t my enemy; they are the enemy of the American people.” This quote, as we all know, came from President Trump late last week. It’s a quote that got massive attention, as soon as it was tweeted out, and it’s one that has members of the mainstream media in shock. […]

The Information Center – Some Watched the ‘Grammys’, Others Watched Snow Melt

    Did you watch the ‘Grammys last Sunday? The numbers of viewers are in and they are even lower than they were for last year. The viewership continues to decline. Don’t get me wrong, there are still lots of people who tune into these celebrity award shows and that’s fine, to each their own. […]