Letter to the Editor

To:       Residents of South Boston, The great industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie once said, “As I grow older I pay less attention to what people say, I just watch what they do”. I have watched Ed Flynn for over 30 years as a dedicated father, husband, serving his country and all of us in the […]

Hey! No Parking. We’re Filming Here

Local residents don’t need a newspaper to tell them how bad parking has become in South Boston. It’s a fact of life that they live with each and every day. So, it came as no surprise when some neighbors were upset at finding yet more no parking signs posted on trees and on poles in […]

Editorial 2000 Years Later and Christians are Still Persecuted

  Easter is a time for renewal and rebirth. It celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus after the Crucifixion, where he was put to death for his teachings and his beliefs. More than two thousand years have passed and Christians are still being put to death for those same beliefs. This we witnessed in news accounts […]

Editorial – Play Ball

  Opening Day at Fenway Park is in some ways magical. The excitement and the energy is everywhere, as the anticipation of the coming Major League Baseball season brings hope to both the casual and die hard Red Sox fans. Last Monday, thousands of smiling faces converged on Yawkey Way, as tradition dictates that one […]

Editorial: Tom McGrath

The announcement by South Boston Citizens Association President Tom McGrath that he will be stepping down from the position that he has held for so long and handled so well was a surprise to many, but understandable too. Factoring in all his tasks, especially during the month of March, people wonder when he has time […]

Welcome Springtime

  Spring has finally arrived. With it come longer days and warming temperatures – eventually. Overall, the winter wasn’t so bad. Though it came on strong towards the end, it could have been a lot colder and certainly much snowier. Now we can look forward to the budding of leaves on our trees, the blooming […]

Letter To The Editor – Why I am Supporting Ed Flynn for City Council

We are living in an overall society where many people are tired of politics and politicians. I believe Boston is unique and our citizens are active, involved and informed. There is an election this fall for District Two City Council.  The passing of a torch some would say as the winner of this election will […]

St. Patrick’s Day Meant To Be Enjoyed

St. Patrick’s Day and Evacuation Day come to South Boston on the same date each year. It’s a very special time in a very special and unique community. It’s a time to celebrate Irish Pride, as everyone is Irish at this season of year, as well as the historical event that saw brave American patriots […]

Improved Murphy Rink is a Symbol of Pride and Stability

  Among the many things that make a community great is having people who reside within willing to work hard to preserve cherished traditions and institutions that they hold dear. This type of greatness was clearly on display last weekend as the newly renovated and much improved DCR’s Murphy Skating Rink was rededicated in memory […]

Sullivan’s Opening Day: Wow!

It goes far beyond the opening day of a seasonal restaurant. Opening day at ‘Sully’s’ on Castle Island has become an experience – an event. Press reports and aerial views from the news helicopters hovering above showed the sheer magnitude of the crowd. Crowd estimates were in the tens of thousands with the goal of […]